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New Road Shoes!!

Cinderella's Road Shoe
Cinderella Road Shoe

Went to REI today. Returned my crummy Princeton Tec AMP 3.5 for… another Princeton Tec AMP 3.5. Hopefully the first one was defective and the new one will work like a charm. I really want it to work because it hit the sweet spot in terms of lumens (110) and burn time (112H on low and 50H on high). Nothing else REI had (In the store) even came close to matching both those specs. So I’ll suffer the poorly designed battery compartment for now.

And I also returned my Garmin FR 610. It was more expensive than I needed to begin with, the touch screen was annoying, and the battery life would eventually become an issue. (And actually during my run with Rachel, after only four and a half hours, the low battery warning came on. Unacceptable.) So I returned that and ordered another Garmin which should arrive in a week.

I’ll be watchless for a few days. Running with my phone seems almost archaic now. Or maybe I just say to heck with it and just run. But the best part about exchanging the FR 610 was the $100 price difference, as in the new Garmin I’m getting was $100 less. So I got a pair of Brooks Pure Connect. Score!

Last week, when I was shopping for the flashlight, I wanted to try on the older model Pure Connect’s they had on clearance, but they didn’t have my size. The woman brought out the newer model, which I tried on anyway, and I swear the shoes fit my foot beautifully. I’ve never had a pair of shoes that felt so perfect on my feet – not even my first pair of Frees. And now I own these Cinderella shoes.

I may run in them tonight depending on the surface of the workout location. If it’s trail, the shoes will have to wait another day. I hope it’s not trail!