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Race Results!

I don’t think I mentioned it, but during my run last Tuesday, I had a brand new injury appear out of the blue. I was afraid it was going to wreck both races, but thank my lucky stars it did not. Things worked out just fine and I am super relieved.

I was nervous about the 5K. I wanted to push hard, but was fearful about making the injury worse, especially for Sunday’s 13.1. It was very cool out, I ran around the parking lot to warm up.  I could feel some slight pain, but hoped that would be it. Otherwise, I felt good. (And this may be TMI, but after two trips to the bathroom -one of which was five minutes before the start- I felt a lot better. It really sucks to run when you think your stomach might betray you at any moment.)

Before long, we were lined up and then we were running. I started my playlist, or at least I thought I did. I had an 18 minute playlist that I was hoping would carry me to an 18 minute finish. All uptempo, hard charging music. But the second song? 06 Jah Calling

At this point, I realized I’ve always used my iPod shuffle on random, and never bothered to figure out how to specifically play the playlist! D’oh! But Jah was calling for me to go easy the first mile, which I did.

The course was not the same as I’d run before, so my pacing felt off. I was shocked when we hit a turn around and were halfway home. And I must say that I hate turn arounds where you go around a cone and just turn around. I’d much prefer a gradual turn like a roundabout or something. This kind of turnaround just seemed lazy, like they couldn’t be bothered to figure out something more graceful. Perhaps expectations are lower in races that go through shopping center parking lots.

I started to pick up the pace and passed a few runners. My breathing was under control, but my heart rate was high. One of the guys I’d passed came back and passed me. I tried to keep up with him, but he wasn’t having it. He toasted me and I had to let him go. The last quarter-mile was tough. I gave it all I had. Cruising under the clock, I saw my time 19:32. (6:17 pace.)  Not as good as I’d hoped, but under 20 minutes, which was my goal. The good news is, there’s plenty of room for improvement at the next 5K!

I developed a new-found respect for the 5K distance. As an aspiring ultra runner, a 3.1 mile race seems silly, but this race isn’t about distance, it’s about speed. It’s almost like an extended sprint. Which is doggone hard! And beautiful. It’s another way to see how much you can endure. Best of all, this test takes only 20 minutes instead of 20 hours! I definitely look forward to doing more of these, and training specifically for the event.

One race down, one to go.

It was another cold start. So cold (relatively speaking), that I was wondering if I should have worn more clothing. The wind made it seem way colder than it was. But I knew I’d warm up.

I had my dad try and take my picture with my iPhone. That was a comedy of errors as my dad is challenged by any technology from this century or last. After literally the fifth try, he got a picture.

In front of the Alamo before the race.
In front of the Alamo before the race.

I will definitely have to teach my dad how to use a camera one of these days…

So the race start was 7:45. I got an okay spot near the front. I was cold and nervous. There was a guy to my right wearing a Garmin that looked like it was from the 80’s. He had his arm in the air for a good four minutes trying to acquire satellites. I never heard a countdown and all of a sudden we were off.

Surprisingly, the crowd thinned out almost immediately and there was tons of room which was great, but weird. The wind walloped us the first two miles or so, but eventually died down. Or I stopped noticing it. One or the other.

I had no idea about the course other than this map below.

Dumb map
Dumb map

I can be really dumb sometimes, okay, a lot of the time, but I just now figured out how to read the map. It does tell you which direction to go! My point was I had no idea what to expect on the course. The good news is there was only one hill on the course, and it was no big deal at all. The hardest part was making sure I was following the arrows on the ground.

My mystery injury wasn’t bothering me, but then some other things pains made appearances. Most of them were brief, but noticeable. It made me think of that idea of intentionally inflicting some smaller pain to take your mind off of a bigger pain. Thankfully though, the second half of he run was pain-free.

When we got to Trinity University, we ran around the track. That felt great underfoot and was a welcome relief from the concrete. This was the halfway point and I didn’t even realize it. I had a gel with me that I had intended to use at the halfway point, but I didn’t want to stop or futz around with it. Plus I’d eaten a ton of quinoa two days in a row, so my glycogen was still good.

I looked at my watch and tried to math in my mind where I should be to hit my time goal. I had forgotten to write down my goal on my arm. Was it 1:35? 1:37? 1:39? I thought it was 1:35, which meant I should be at about 47 minutes, and I was at 49. So I freaked out and started running harder.

Even if I had written down my overall goal finish time, that information is basically useless. If I’m falling behind my pace, I need to correct that during the race, as early as possible, not near the end when it may be too late. They have rub on tattoos – “pace tats” – which have your time splits.

pace tat I’ve never used them before, but I now understand how they would be useful. With the pace tat, the info is right there. You just look at what mile point you’re at and your time, and you’ll know where you stand. Because the last thing you want to try to do during a race is math.

I may have to give those pace tats a try because I thought I had set up my Garmin for a virtual pacer, but didn’t get that to work. Honestly, I think I’m not really cut out to wear a Garmin. Or maybe I just need to find a Garmin for Dummies book. But back to the race.

I’m pushing hard now, and coming down a hill, I see a huge mass of runners coming up the hill. For some reason, that makes run even harder. I hate to think I was showing off, but maybe I was. A little bit. And so I showed off the last 4 miles, averaging about 6:35. I felt good!

The finish finally showed up and sprinted the last bit. I remembered to stop my watch. After I’d caught my breath, I looked and saw that I was under 1:35!  (And actually, my goal was 1:37.) My Garmin had me at 1:29:32, for a 6:52 pace (and only 13.01 miles.) The race ticket had me at about the same thing. I was super happy that I’d made my goal and wouldn’t have to fret about it for the next few months. Although I will admit I was a little bummed because if I’d run five minutes faster, I could have gotten into the A Corral…

But for now, the races are over. Time to get healed up and ready to start building up the base.

Worst backdrop ever and why do I look so weird?!
Worst backdrop ever and why do I look so weird?!

Race Weekend Doubleheader!!

This should be an interesting weekend. I’m going to run a 5K on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday. I didn’t plan this, but it’s what’s going to happen, love it or not.

I did plan for the former race, the Culinaria 5K Wine and Beer Run. I ran it two or three years ago, mainly for the booze and not surprisingly, had a great time. It was kind of weird, drinking wine out of plastic cups before noon after running a race… Yeah, we got pretty -ahem- wasted and made some new friends. It was a good day.

But this time I’m not running for the booze. In fact, I won’t be partaking of any alcohol after the race. I told myself I was going to stop drinking for a year after I got into a scrape with some of my friends on New Year’s Eve. I’ve got 2 1/2 months under my belt and I feel good about it. But the main reason I signed up was to just blast it and see how fast I could go in a race environment. But now, it looks like that will have to wait.

When I broke the internet* and registered for Chicago, I applied for Corral B, which requires a 3:35:59 marathon or better.

I don’t really know how fast I can run a half marathon or a full marathon, because it’s been so long since I’ve run either. The only marathon I’ve run was Portland back in 2010. That is too old to count, not to mention that my time wasn’t anywhere near good enough. And the last time I ran a half marathon? Um… I think I’ve run two halves in my life, but those were two or three years ago. (One of which I ran with my best friend on the day he got married!)

So how did I figure my time? I went by Tony’s time.

Tony is one of the Rockhoppers, the group I’ve been running with that mainly does trail running. But he and several others in the group had just “crossed over to the dark side” and run the Austin marathon. (Which I seriously regret not doing). He’s an older fellow and apparently had a great race, running something like a 3:40. So I figured, if he can do a 3:40, surely I can manage a 3:35. Yep, Corral B for me, please.

After I finally got registered, I must have been so flustered that I missed the part about providing proof of your 3:35:59 marathon or 1:37:59 half marathon time before August 26. (Or maybe I was so naive to think they went by the honor system?) I only noticed this while randomly revisiting the Chicago marathon website the other day. But August 26, that’s five months. Plenty of time to find and run a half, right? Well, not really.

April 3rd through June 2nd I will be traveling, which leaves the last half of March, and June, July and August. I Googled a race calendar for Texas and found few races to choose from, even fewer that were in town. And all of them would be during the ridiculous Texas summer. It’s not even officially spring yet and it was 90 degrees today. That’s seriously wrong. Running a summer race, I’d risk not making my time goal due to the heat. If that happened, there wouldn’t be enough time to find another race. But there was a half … this weekend … after the 5K.

Somewhat grudingly, tonight I registered for the Alamo 13.1. (Sidenote: why are some races so darn expensive?! This one was $85 to start with, and went up to $105. It had better be one good race.) I figure run this race now and get the 1:37. If, for whatever reason, I can’t manage it, I will still have three months to try again. Okay, brain, good plan.

But heck, how cool is it to run races back to back?! I’ve never done that before. It would have been awesome if the 5K was after the half. That way I could run both races hard. As it is, I’m going to have to throttle back at the 5K. Of course, I say that now, but once the adrenaline starts flowing, it’ll be hard not to blast off. Part of me, no, most of me wants to say the heck with it, just go for it at the 5K. I mean it’s likely less than 20 minutes of running!

The main reason this is a big deal to me: if I get into Corral B, I have a better chance at running a time good enough to qualify for Boston. That in itself would be a big deal for me and I would be super stoked.

And what would be even cooler is if I actually got to run Boston…

*   *   *   *   *

Sorry there were any pretty pictures to look at. I’ll have some for the next post, I promise!

*The internet must have been broken since I was able to register, despite serious technical difficulties that resulted in registration being suspended for like two weeks. About 15,000 other people were able to register as well. But I’ll always think of it as the day I broke the internet.

Art Jag Part Deux

On another super art jag!

This is the progress on the Lady Painter. It’s coming along well. I decided that I am not going to add any other imagery or text over top. Just need to start thinking about framing.

Work in Progress - Lady Painter 2
Work in Progress – Lady Painter 2

This Bambi piece has been hanging around for two weeks (?) now. Doesn’t seem to want to get finished. Had wanted to add some text that was cut out of foam-core. Maybe I’ll do that and see if that’s what the hold up is.

Work In Progress - Been trying to work this Bambi image, but it's just stuck.
Work In Progress – Been trying to work this Bambi image, but it’s just stuck.

I found three boards I had prepared weeks ago. Had intended to do some colored washes with them, but never got around to it. So they became this mini series. I almost wish (50/50) I had left them alone and not added any new layers (the gold diagrams). I should have at least sat on them a day and seen if they could stand on their own. But impatient person that I am… I projected the tree image on top of one of the boards and it looked cool… I quickly found another diagram, and that was it. They would receive a second layer. But two is not enough, I will do have to figure out at least a third layer. The good thing is, the process is easy to repeat. So, worst case scenario, I start over.

This mini – series is / are not really “paintings”. More like poly-chromed graphite drawings. I don’t know, but it just doesn’t feel right to call them paintings. Regardless, I’m very happy with the procedural discoveries I’ve made with these. Specifically, I’m loving the graphite; when it’s thick and metallic black, and then you smear it! Great effect.

(Actually, I learned about this from the Bambi piece, the background text was done in graphite.)

Work in Progress - Awaiting Diagram and... ?
Work in Progress – Awaiting Diagram and… ?

This is preliminary stage. (Below) I do like this as is. I don’t think viewers would “get it” though.  I’m worried the additional imagery may have ruined them.

But the heck with it: “Hold nothing sacred.”

Work in Progress - Awaiting Diagram and... ?
Work in Progress – Awaiting Diagram and… ?

Small detail, you may notice those are Behr house paint samples. Yup! I’ve gotten over my paint snobbery. For some colors, it works just fine, and it’s cheap.

Work in Progress - Awaiting... ?
Work in Progress – Awaiting… ?

I’m super loving the color palette of these, especially with the gold. But unless you shoot at an angle, the gold doesn’t photograph well, which may pose a problem for purposes of posterity.

Work in Progress - Detail of Gold
Work in Progress – Detail of Gold

Finally, another small happiness. I stenciled the text on these, and it came out pretty well. Which is possible only because I’m working on board and not canvas. However the grain of the wood is slightly annoying, I may move to masonite. [To clarify, these are just cheap stretcher frames with Luann tops. What’s even crazier is these were made from scraps, you can see the joint running across the bottom third on all three pieces. Poor man WIN!]

Stenciled Text
Stenciled Text

This is next in the rotation. The window offers obvious opportunities image placement… Glad this is a one off and not part of a series!

Work in Progress - This image found its way onto the canvas at 12:30.This is the first stage.
Work in Progress – This image found its way onto the canvas at 12:30.
This is the first stage.

And the magic revealed! Lest you think I’m some crazy artistic genius, behold! An opaque projector. My imagery is projected onto the canvas and I simply trace it. I could do it the old fashion way and grid it out, but the result would be the same. My point being, I used to think this was “cheating”, but I’ve gotten over that idea. Mostly. I’ve has this thing since the late 90’s. Best $300 I ever spent. But it may be on its last legs, it seems to be blowing bulbs with greater frequency. And those bulbs are kinda of expensive – $8 a piece. It takes two bulbs, but you can get away with just one.

Maybe you remember overhead projectors from school? This works the same way, except you don't have to use transparencies, you can use opaque paper as well.
Maybe you remember overhead projectors from school? This works the same way, except you don’t have to use transparencies, you can use opaque paper as well.

*   *   *   *   *

Haven’t run for a few days, since…. Thursday. Wow, only two days? It feels like it’s been four days. Missed a volunteering opportunity yesterday because I was working on my paintings. I feel kind of guilty about that, but I have to keep painting when it’s going well. I should try and do a long run today, depending if I can tear myself away from painting. But it’s a beautiful day out right now, it’d be a shame not to get out and enjoy it.

Have two weeks until the Culinaria 5K. I don’t know what my PR’s for any distance, so I am going to run this race like a crazy person so I can PR. (Since I don’t really have a 5K PR, whatever I do will be a PR.) But my goal is to run under 20 minutes. Yeah, I need to run today.