Weekend Warrior

Haven’t run since last week’s 23 hour effort. Not because tired or sore – could have run the following day – but combination of work and just not motivated to get out. It’s weird because I want to run, but do I really if I’m not making the effort? Maybe something is missing… I don’t know. Anyway, going to try to make up for it tomorrow. Probably dumb, cramming almost a weeks worth of mileage into a day, but I’m not a smart man.

Going to run on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. Want to do another 24 hour there. I think it would be easier on whoever joins me. It would also be easier to find the trail, no bushwhacking! While I’ve run there with Nate several times, I’m going on my own which means I have no time constraints.

Tried unsuccessfully to plan a route on the Gaia website. I could only map out a portion of a route. I’m not super familiar with the route creating process, but to me it seems like the app/web site could use some work.  I want to like it, but there are several things that seem retarded.  I could not figure out how to make it get double back on the same trail. (It’s not a straight out and back. More of a lollipop.) Route will be maybe 25-30 miles, with guesstimating 10,000 vertical, hitting three peaks.

Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 8.49.06 PM.png

Hopefully, this is a feasible route and not just my kid in a candy store hit all the peaks too much at once approach. There are definitely more bail out options. Pace should be quicker than last time, maybe even as quick as 15 minute miles. But I’ll plan on slower 20 minute miles. Probably looking at 10 -12 hour day. Starting early, would like to hit Mount Wire or Red Butte around sunrise. Or whenever. It’s hard getting up early.

While I would rather have a more solid route so that I can plan a bit better, there is also a little adventure in the unknown. Not sure there are any water crossings, so I may have to either cut this short or dip into town if there’s a store nearby. Ugh.

Notes from last time.

Wore new North Face winter tights. Those worked out really nice. Never really had the need to wear tights, but here it’s necessary. Kept my lower half pretty warm. Did choose to wear underwear with them for added warmth. Forgot to lube up, but luckily had no chafing issues.

Also wore new Altra Lone Peak RSM’s. Those were great as well. Bought my normal size 10, it looks way long on my foot, but my heels don’t slip at all. I had zero issues with my toes bumping into the front. These definitely fit different from the previous version. Size appearance aside, they worked out great. They kept my feet dry and warm the entire time, although there was hardly any water or mud on the trail. Zero issues.

Did not get to use Microspikes. Conditions were never bad enough to warrant their use.

Food wise, thought about packing little pizza poppers. Bought some tonight and will test those out. May cook up a cuban sandwich in the waffle maker. And maybe waffles.



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