Without Missing a Beat…

January 1, I was running Bandera. Great way to start a new year!


Actually,  I dropped the ball.

I was all ready to convert everything to Shutupbecky.com, but I didn’t realize that domain name  was already taken. I mean really, what are the chances? Damn cybersquatters!

So I  thought I’d just  let this blog die a quiet painless death. I hated the idea that I’d worked on this thing for a year and was just going to throw it away, but… whatever. Just because I didn’t get the name I wanted? That’s absurd! Figure out a new name!

I racked my brain for a name that would capture both running and art making.  (I no longer wanted the blog to be about just running, cuz let’s face it, there’s more to life than running. )But I couldn’t come up with anything. Then I thought, “Just use your name. Duh. “

While I would have liked building Shutupbecky as a “brand name,” I think using my real name may work just as well.

So here it is, edwardsousa.com.

5 thoughts on “Without Missing a Beat…”

      1. Nice! And you did sign the Athens piece with your mug in there somehow;) awesome! Its a total treasure for me

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