It’s Nice To Be Back

Got into town, did a little sightseeing. Downtown sure had nicened up since I left! Walked around Millennium Park, and took pictures. Later ate at Epic Burger, which was anything but epic. Then walking down the street, I run into the friend I was going to meet. We get lunch for her, and then go back to her school.  Her classroom has huge windows that provide an awesome view. She gives me the grand tour of the rest of the school and it’s really nice. Them some lucky kids!

Later, went to dinner at my friend Amanda’s. We caught up and later Jen H, her guy Maurice, and friend John John finally showed up. Amanda made a great vegan dinner. And then the wine… drinking was a mistake. I was just so happy to see my friends again. But alcohol before a race is a bad idea, especially if you are unable to exercise restraint. You don’t want to have to endure a recovery day which entails laying in bed thinking about how stupid you are. And this coming off the heels of a two day cold no less. Several months of training could all go down the toilet if you aren’t in top form.

So from this day forward, I must remember: THE WEEK PRIOR TO ANY RACE SHOULD BE ALCOHOL-FREE.

I missed several days of running due to illness, and finally got out today and went for a brief 4 miler. All things considered, I felt great! My legs have lost that dullness from the constant mileage. I was floating along. I hope that’s how I feel all throughout the race.

One More Day!!!

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