Begin Countdown and Taper

It hit me just the other day, the thing that I’ve been training for, waiting for since forever – well it’s almost here. 6 days till I arrive in Chicago, and then 3 days until the marathon.

During yesterday’s brief 5 mile run, I accepted that I have to start tapering. That’s a big deal for me; I feel like I should still be training for Cactus Rose, which is two weeks after Chicago.

Part of the Cactus Rose course.
Part of the Cactus Rose course.

Tomorrow, the Rockhoppers are having one last training run for Cactus Rose. I’d like to go and maybe do a shortened loop of 15, but that’s almost twice the miles my marathon plan called for. I may talk myself into going. It’s only 7 extra miles, not that big of a deal.  Or be smart and stick to the plan. You want to be fresh for Chicago. Chicago will be a good training run (distance wise) for Cactus, so it’s going to be okay.

I have to remember that training at this point probably won’t make much more difference. Moreover, of late my legs always seem to have a dull, tired feeling when I’m not running. Tapering will allow me to see what “fresh legs” feel like. I’ve already put in the miles, now is the time to throttle back. Now is the time to get my mental game plan together.


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