Jeebus Answers Prayers

Jeebus-Plaque-Car-Emblem-(2235)Running has been difficult the last two months. So I’ve tried to push running out of my mind. As a result, writing about running has been impossible. However, things may have just turned around.

I’ve been running shorter runs (8 miles or less) to ease back into running since aggravating my Achilles. Yesterday I ran a short out-and-back, 4.5 miles. At first I my Achilles was sore, but it warmed up. On the way back, I unintentionally started running fartleks. I ran fast for a bit, which felt great, but each burst was short-lived as my endurance is shot. So I’d walk for a minute and catch my breath. Then take off again.

On one of the sprints, I was trying to concentrate on my form. I could very well have imagined it, but I thought I heard and/or felt a weird crunching sound from my heel.  Immediately after hearing that, I stopped and walked. My Achilles felt slightly warm -like I could feel the blood flowing through it- and remarkably loose. I twisted it all around and there was no pain at all.  It felt like a big ugly knot just broken up and instantly dissolved.

I don’t know what happened, but it’s nothing short of a miracle.

This whole Achilles thing has been scary because I was afraid it was going to ruin two races.  But that might not be the case after all. When I got home I looked up Hal Higdon’s marathon training program. I pencilled that onto my calendar. I’m already two weeks behind, but that’s okay.

Even more heartening is that when I woke up, there was no residual soreness in my Achilles. Hallelujah! I’m supposed to run 3 miles today. My brain says take it easy, do JUST 3 MILES. But my heart has other ideas…

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