Painting Marathon!

Per my 5K art goal: A stencil of Bambi’s legs on a small board seemed like a good start. Perhaps the board was too small, but for whatever reason, I wasn’t able to go anywhere with it. However, I did start painting. Big time. For the last three days. 5K art goal? Pffft! More like 50K!

Taking several months off from painting must have allowed my “painting glycogen” stores to top off. Once I got going, I started working on several pieces. When I got stuck on one, I worked on another and kept on that way. Since Monday, I finished and framed two pieces, and am working on a bigger piece, and have three smaller “throwaway” boards that I at least put some paint on. (Throwaway boards are just really small pieces that can be used like sketch paper. If an idea doesn’t work out, just paint over it and do something else.)

de -its problems 17.5" x 17.5". Smaller "throwaway" on board.
de -its problems 17.5″ x 17.5″

de -its problems (Above) is a good study. The main image of the woman is not as well done as I’d like. I wasn’t able to properly blend each layer with the previous layer. Some of my paints are cheap house paints, and they dry very quickly. Once I added the diagrams over top, there was no way to go back and fix the woman. But that’s okay, sometimes you can’t belabor a work, just finish it and move on. I plan to revisit this image but on a larger scale.

OUTPUT 25" x 25"
OUTPUT 25″ x 25″

OUTPUT (Above) is another essentially a study as well. I am trying to find the appropriate image to paint using just the bluish/purple color, which I think is kind of similar to the color on those famous vases. (You know the ones I’m talking about.) And also trying to figure out how to fake coloring like a child. The cat image is from a child’s coloring book, and the scribbled paint is an attempt to replicate the child’s marks. It’s really hard to fake that.

For me the best part was the frame. Made from a scrap piece of 3/4″ plywood (which happened to be just the right size!), I was able to assemble it very cleanly. Also, I decided to stain it, which turned out to be a good choice.


Finally, the lady painter. I’ve actually used this image in a smaller scale painting before. I sold it to a friend and was very sad to see her (the painting) go. But now I’m getting her back, on a much larger scale. I feel like I’ve been reunited with a long lost friend.

The paint I’m using is thinned down almost to the point of being a watercolor, so it takes time to build up any dark areas. Working on this painting is like doing a really long run. The painting pace is very slow and contemplative. A few more rounds of working the darks and the lights, and then I have to make a big decision: what – if anything – to overlay the image?

Lady Painter on Board.
First version lady painter.

In the first version, I put some very light text over top. I could use the same text or find some other text. I could do something completely different, or do nothing at all and just have it be a “normal” straight painting. I’m not sure what to do.

Actually, I do know what to do: go for a run.

I haven’t run for three days, and honestly, I haven’t missed it. I’m going to run today mostly because I know I should, rather than because I want to. (Since the painting is going so well, I want to keep working on it. But I know I need to avoid rushing this piece.) Hopefully, some fresh air and blood circulation will help out, because oh yeah, I have a race this Saturday!

One thought on “Painting Marathon!”

  1. Dude AWESOME as to be expected… I reconize that lady… I believe she is doing some work in my livingroom!!! You are very tallented!!!!!!

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