“Sweaty Gorilla’s Roadtrip: Enchanted Rock”

The R-U-N group went out to Enchanted Rock, a state park about an hour and a half from San Antonio. It was a chilly morning, but it turned into a beautiful afternoon. (“Sweaty Gorilla” is the trip organizer’s nickname.)

We ran a brief 5 miles on a trail filled with hikers. Everyone and their mother and their dog and their dog’s mother was out enjoying the day. After we finished the run, we hiked up the super steep main dome and climbed some big rocks and just hung out for awhile taking pictures. Apparently everyone else realized how nice an afternoon it was going to be; from the top of the dome, you could see a line of cars waiting to enter the park.

For lunch, we went to Luckenbach, possibly the world’s smallest town. Its population is supposedly 3. The “town” is composed of almost as many buildings. There’s a retired post office turned general store, a saloon, and a dance hall. It’s crazy small enough that they were closing the town at four for a wedding!

I was majorly hungry by the time we arrived. Waiting to order at the little food shack, I was torn between getting the pulled pork or the bratwurst. The pulled pork won, and unfortunately, it was mediocre. According to two other runners, the bratwurst was also a loser, as it was bland. But the jalapeno poppers I got were mighty tasty. Super hot and crunchy, big cheese flavor, but not very (spicy) hot. I could have easily downed another order of those. (I guess you can tell I’m not part of the Instagram world since I didn’t even think to take a picture of the food.) And despite seeing everyone else enjoying a beer, I was perfectly fine having a cherry limeade.

We hung out for about an hour, enjoying the warm sun, drinking beer, and shooting the breeze. A great way to spend a Saturday in a tiny town where “everybody’s somebody.”

*   *   *   *   *

Today I felt like I was on more of a sightseeing tour, rather than a “real” run. So I did what you’re supposed to do on a tour, I took pictures. I will repeat my disdain for using an iPhone to take pictures. As convenient as it is, it’s hard to tell how your photos will turn out until you get home. And then you discover that the images are overexposed. Sigh… I think I’m going to have to break down and buy a small point and shoot. (To replace the one I lost. Because I was sh*t-faced.)

I don’t know if there’s any “real take-away” with this post, but perhaps you can just enjoy it as a snapshot tour of sorts.

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