Nueces Practice Run

A bunch of the Rockhopper group are going to Camp Eagle tonight and some are going tomorrow to get in some time on the Nueces course. I’ll be driving up with Elizabeth. My plan is to do two laps, which should be about 32 miles. (I am still without my Garmin, will have to suffer iPhone GPS.)

I am concerned I may be getting sick. I’ve pushed hard for several days, and my immune system may be flagging. Add to that, after last night’s run, we went to Freetails (bar/restaurant) and sat outside. It was not cold-cold. I did change into a dry shirt, but I was still wearing my running shorts. I knew I should have brought jeans. So now I have some weirdness in my sinuses. But I’m not running today. I busted out the neti pot first thing this morning, had some OJ, chicken noodle soup -with quinoa!!, and will get some zinc things later.


LESSON LEARNED: Always have warm clothes to change into after a run.

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